SBM 2015

Mankind has evolved over ten-thousands of years in the environment the earth has provided.

In a few decades this environment is changed drastically by man. Human evolution takes time, therefore these changes will without any doubt have consequences for our health and well-being. The best reference to create a healthy indoor climate is our nature, the environment in which we have evolved.

The next reference after nature is the SBM2015. The building biology standard for sleeping areas. Throughout the day we expose ourselves to many environmental influences, they are a burden on our body. The human body is an extraordinary being, it can deal with most of these unnatural influences. But if exposure continues, day and night, seven days a week, the barrel will run over, and our body will respond. (read more about environmental illnesses) We need a good night’s rest to give our body the peace to deal with all the environmental influences of our daily life. 

Unfortunately many bedrooms have become much polluted. Carbon dioxide levels are extremely high, chemical toxins can be found abundantly, and on top of that we surround ourselves with electromagnetic radiation that stresses our body. To be able to create a sleeping place that gives our body the relaxation it needs to regenerate the SBM2015 is the best guideline, apart from nature. This SBM2015 can be downloaded from: • SBM2015 StandardSBM2015 guidelinesSBM2015 testing conditionsSBM2015 questions and answer