Curing sick buildings

Our indoor climate is often the cause of many minor and mayor ailments.

The best way to assess all aspects of a healthy living environment is done by a house assessment. We can measure, analyse, test and advise to cure sick buildings and improve the quality of life. The secret of a vibrant health starts with a restful sleep The main focus in house investigations is the sleeping area. The best indicator of a beneficial sleep is the state in which you wake up. If there is no clear reason for it why your body and mind take such a long time to wake up every morning, an EMF-assessment might bring clarity. Humans are most vulnerable to electromagnetic pollution during sleep, sleeping areas deserve our greatest attention. Many of the health and well-being problems of our modern society are related to an unbalanced sleep.

Often electro magnetic pollution can be decreased by simple means, and years of unbalanced sleep (most people do not know better) are over. Electro-stress is a growing cause of many ailments related to our physical and mental well-being. During an EMF-assessment all aspects of electro magnetic pollution are being checked, these are influences of the low frequent wiring and appliances, the High frequent EMF generated by transmitters and other appliances, but also the influence of static magnetism and static electricity.

The air we breath

Modern life makes us spend more time indoors then outdoors. The quality of the indoor air has become of great importance.

The right temperature, humidity and sufficient oxygen make our body feel well, and be able to withstand any attack on our health. In many modern buildings ventilation is often neglected in favour of controlling temperature and humidity. The consumption of energy to control our indoor-climate is very high. Saving energy is important, however energy saving has become more important health. It is a challenge to save energy without neglecting the quality of the indoor-climate.

Last century many chemical toxins have been introduced in the modern building practises. Solvents, formaldehyde, pesticides, asbestos, flame retardants and many more have become part of our living environment. Moulds, bacteria and allergens can be a burden for our health, they are toxic and can decrease the immune system. A building biologist can give advice how to prevent and to reduce biological pollutants.

The house investigation

A house investigation always starts with an interview, it is important to find out what the complaints are and the reason for such an investigation.

After the interview a decision can be made how to proceed. Often the problems are clear however the solution requires more insight. A good building biologist has a holistic approach, and looks at all possible influences that can affect the indoor-climate.

EMF assessment of working places

In modern offices people surround themselves with electrical equipment, wiring and wireless devices, and remain in that environment for the rest of the working day, every working day.

It has shown that in offices where an EMF renovation has been done the rate off sick-leave has been decreased, people feel more relaxed, work has become more pleasant and productivity has improved.


To analyse measured data it needs to be compared with standards. There are many different standards in the world.

Often these standards are set by the industry, who put there own interest first. The best standard is nature, after all this is the environment from which we are evolved. Next there is the SBM2015.

The SBM2015 is a widely accepted building biology standard, specifically designed for sleeping areas. This standard is determined based on many house investigations and independent scientific research. It will be frequently updated by a panel of experts, last update was 2015. Assessments are being done according the Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods and evaluated by the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines for Sleeping Areas.