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Our home our third skin

Our mission is to take care of the design of healthy living and work environments, and of renovations towards a better indoor climate. After all our house is our third skin, it gives us shelter and protection. Our house should be a home where body and mind can regenerate free from environmental stress.

The last century many chemicals have been introduced as construction materials, building practices have been changed, electrical power has become part of each house, and more recently wireless communication has been introduced rapidly. This resulted in many sick buildings, causing many chronicle ailments and allergies. It creates a climate where mayor and minor illnesses can flourish.

The Centre of Building Biology promotes the use of authentic, sustainable and natural building materials and constructions methods. By sharing information it aims to promote a building construction where a healthy living environment is given a high priority.

The centre intends to become a portal, to inform and connect towards the realisations of healthy habitats. The centre is located in Southern India, and wants to include issues related to our local and other Indian climates and cultures.

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Services & Education

Curing sick buildings

Our indoor climate is often the cause of many minor and mayor ailments. The best way to assess all aspects of a healthy living environment is done by a house assessment. We can measure, analyse, test and advise to cure sick buildings and improve the quality of life.

Creating environments worth living

The Centre for Building Biology can give advice about the construction of healthy buildings, removing concerns about environmental impact on our indoor climate, or recommend how to improve the quality of life related to our house and environment.

Educating the next generation

IBN professional education for building biology is now available in India in a revised English version, through a partnership between the Centre for Building Biology (CBB) in Auroville, India, and IBN Germany.

" Health is not valued till sickness comes"

- Thomas Fuller -

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