Healthy Homes, Happy lives

Learn the Basics of Building Biology

What are the risk factors in our living spaces


Recognize, avoid, or reduce pollutants in our indoor climate


Learn the basic tools needed to create a healthy living environment

In this brief yet intensive course, gain the skills to identify major health risks within your home and discover effective methods to mitigate them. This in just four weeks, two classes a week. Learn more about the details of the next course:

Course content

Explore Building Biology, its importance, origins, and how the indoor climate affects your health and well-being. Understand environmental health.

Nature serves as our ultimate guide, followed by building biology standards. Explore the 25 guidelines for crafting a healthier living space. Discover the SBM2015, a valuable tool for enhancing existing indoor climates

Discover methods to enhance indoor climate factors like; air composition, temperature, humidity, air flow, ventilation, and air ionization.

Identify indoor air pollution sources (chemical and biological) and learn effective solutions.

Recognize electromagnetic pollution from both high and low-frequency electrical systems and devices. Explore strategies to minimize its effects.

Discover the impact of noise on well-being and methods to reduce it. Recognize sources of infrasound and ultrasound.

Incorporate the circadian rhythm into your life, striking the right balance between natural and artificial light. Learn to assess artificial light sources for their biological impact.

Learn to asses building materials and methods on their biological properties.

Enrol in our brief yet comprehensive Building Biology online live course. Active participation is encouraged, fostering the mindset of a Building Biologist. While perfection isn’t attainable, we aim to approach it by evaluating risk factors, striking the right balance, and crafting a home that promotes well-being—a place for regeneration, healing, and tranquillity.

Who will benefit

Interior Designers and Architects

Professionals in the field of interior design and
architecture who want to incorporate building
biology principles into their projects.
Architects interested in sustainable and
health-conscious building design.


Environmental and Health Enthusiasts

Individuals passionate about environmental sustainability and personal health. Those interested in learning practical ways to reduce indoor pollutants and toxins exposure.

Educators and Researchers

Educators who want to incorporate building biology concepts into their curricula.
Researchers interested in the field of building biology and environmental health.

Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants and experts looking to broaden their expertise in building biology

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents and property developers
aiming to market homes as healthy and
environmentally friendly


René Janssen

  • Leading Building Biology consultant in India for 15 years.
  • 30 years of experience in construction management of which 15 years in sustainable and natural building.
  • 25 years of experience in Electro Magnetic Compatibility. 
  • Since 2015 facilitating trainings and workshops in Building biology and natural building
  • Coming from the Netherlands.
  • Certifite as Building biology consultant by the IBN in Germany