Curing sick buildings

Our indoor climate is often the cause of many minor and mayor ailments. The best way to assess all aspects of a healthy living environment is done by a house assessment. We can measure, analyse, test and advise to cure sick buildings and improve the quality of life.

Building Biology Course IBN


IBN professional education for building biology is now available in India in a revised English version, through a partnership between the Centre for Building Biology (CBB) in Auroville, India, and IBN Germany.


Since 1977 the Building Biology Course IBN has been at the core of the ZFU-approved training program to become a “Building Biology Consultant IBN.” (ZFU = Accreditation Agency of Continuing Studies in Germany) The main mission of the program is to educate and promote competence in the field of healthy, sustainable, and holistic building practices in living and work environments.


The Building Biology Course IBN provides an interdisciplinary educational opportunity for building professionals such as architects, engineers, technicians, tradespeople, staff members of construction companies, building material manufacturers and suppliers, housing agencies, building management companies, as well as (environmental medicine) health care professionals, but also for students from e.g. technical colleges and homeowners. This Building Biology Course is also open to newcomers in this field after consultation with the IBN. It will increase your competence in the field of healthy, sustainable, and holistic building practices as well as open up new career opportunities.


 Possible career opportunities include:

  • Consulting services for private, public, and commercial contractors or companies (e.g. construction companies, building material manufacturers, building trades)
  • Building design, construction, and remediation with a focus on building biology, ecology, and energy efficiency
  • Offering building trades with a focus on building biology aspects
  • Distribution and/or manufacturing of building materials, building elements, building systems, installations
  • Holistic consulting services for patients and cooperation with health care professionals
  • Realtor for green housing with a focus on building biology aspects
  • Outreach work (articles on subject matters, presentations, Internet, etc.)
  • Offering seminars and workshops

E-learning offers many advantages such as worldwide accessibility, up-to-date information, forum, chats, and multiple choice questions to check learning progress. 

For guests, Course Module "Indoor Climate" and "practicing Building Biology" is available for free. First click here and then click "Log in as a guest".

Course curriculum

Building Biology I

01 Introduction to Building Biology
02 Living Environment and Location
03 Indoor Climate
04 Natural Building Methods
05 Environmental Performance and Ecolabels
06 Wood Preservation and House Pests
07 Building Biology Assessment of Building Materials and Building Science
08 Heating and Ventilation
09 Plumbing Systems and Water-efficient Strategies
10 Energy efficient Building Design

Building Biology II
11 Electromagnetic Radiation
12 Electrical Wiring
13 Air and Air Pollutants
14 Noise, Sound Insulation, Architectural Acoustics
15 Building Design
16 Architectural Physiology and Building Safety
17 Light and Lighting
18 Natural Colours and Finishes
19 Building Regulations, Engineering Standards, Quality Assessments
20 Practicing Building Biology


More information about the Building Biology Course IBN can be found here.


In order to enroll on the course, please download, complete and return a Participation Agreement form. Once received, the IBN will send an invoice for the online course element.

The Participation Agreement should be returned online by emailing the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or posted to:


Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit

Unabhängige private GmbH

Erlenaustraße 24

83022 Rosenheim



You can also express your interest by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The international fees of this online training including the online seminars is 2300 Euro, under certain cicumstances discounts are available. For more information about discounts send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IBN Building Biology Consultant qualification

If you would like to earn the designation Building Biology Consultant IBN or Building Biology Consultant IBN/BBC, participants are required to pass an online exam within 2 years after having started the course. This examinations can be done in India, facilitated by the CBB. 



 Creating environments worth living

The Centre for Building Biology can give advice about the construction of healthy buildings, removing concerns about environmental impact on our indoor climate, or recommend how to improve the quality of life related to our house and environment.